Hearts on Fire

The evolution of The Most Perfectly Cut Diamond In The World® spans over 3000 years; Parallax Productions Partnered with Toil to bring this many layered story to life. Together we honed the concept to make it a smooth visual story. We created a completely stylized world, illustrated in a faceted manner that subtly references the angles and surfaces of which a diamond is made. Millions of dollars of real diamonds lit up the live action shoot where elaborately costumed actors were shot on green screen. The pieces were woven together in post to mimic a camera moving seamlessly from an ancient world to modern day, as silhouetted characters interact with diamonds in the context of a rich, dark and luxurious animated world.



Production Company: Parallax Productions
Live Action Director: Alan Chebot
DP: Dillard Morrison
Production Manager: Tara Haggett
Co-producers: Cameron Femino and Taylor Wieluns

Creative Director: Joey Korenman
Producer: Reaghan Puleo
Executive Producer: Holly Raynes
Designer: Matt Naboshek, Preston Coswell
Animators: Colin Jackson, Conor Collier, Tim Dennesen

Mix: Mike Secher, Soundtrack