McDonald’s | Black Friday

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Project Description

This McDonald’s spot is an ode to the All-American shopping tradition of Black Friday, and how a well-timed caffeine jolt can provide that last bit of needed fuel. To tell the story of our heroic shopper, we created a CG world, hand-crafting everything to have a distinctive yet simplified look. Character design was a critical piece of the project, with technical R&D from our always enthusiastic animation and compositing team. Great client, fun project. Drink on, shop on!


Agency: Arnold

Producer: Whitney Bogosian

Creative Team: Mary Rich, Pete Shamon, Marcus Chin-Quee


Toil Producer: Reaghan Puleo

Toil Creative Directors: Joey Korenman, Mike Frederick

Toil Executive Producer: Holly Raynes

Art Direction & Design: Mike Frederick, Courtney Russell

3D Modeling: Mark Carey, Kyle Predki, Conor Collier

Animators: Joey Korenman, Conor Collier, Kyle Predki, Robert Walton

Compositing: Joey Korenman

Sound Design: Brian McKeever, Soundtrack Boston